About Us


doorsWhy would Falafel and Hummus lovers from throughout New Orleans flock to Carrollton Avenue’s Lebanon’s Café, when there is likely to be a Middle Eastern restaurant nearer where they live or work?

There are so many reasons… Some of our patrons say it is because Lebanon’s has what has been described as the most beautiful dining room, a spacious, clean, and attractive space with colorful hand-painted murals under the shady oak trees of Carrollton Avenue, all at a modest price.Others say that it is our romantic atmosphere complemented by an able, eager, and professional staff of servers that see to your every request. Our chef-owner, Hussain Sheereef, can be seen virtually every day in our dining room, greeting guests, serving food, and offering assistance.

But perhaps the greatest reason of all that New Orleanians say they cross town to visit Lebanon’s, is for the food itself. For that reason, both diners and critics agree, Lebanon’s Café has earned a solid reputation as the #1 Middle Eastern dining destination in New Orleans.

We offer a lavish and expansive menu comprised of the finest in Middle Eastern dishes, from creamy homemade Hummus and the area’s finest Kabobs, to Chicken Shawarma and Rosemary Lamb Chops. Our tasty recipes are expertly prepared and final analysis, are the primary reasons why Lebanon’s Café reigns supreme as the ultimate in New Orleans’ Middle Eastern cuisine.

We invite you to browse through our website. Read our menu… read the reviews by critics… see the testimonials written by our well-satisfied patrons…

Then visit us and experience our generously apportioned dishes for yourself. You will be able to see, experience, and taste how we have combined our award-winning food and world-class experience to bring you New Orleans’ best Middle Eastern food experience, an experience you will want to repeat time and time again.